Friday, September 3, 2010

excess time flowing..(1st strory)

Time flies, but even a little creature on Earth doesn't realize it. Hoping someday, someone, pack the things and say 'let's rock, there's a world that we gonna to save.'

Unexpectly, I strangling for help, don't even know what I'm trying to get rid off. Eyes open slowly and slowly, found that just my mom storm off my room. I tired to get off from the comfortable bed, open the wide windows, and say 'HELLO, SUNDAY!'

As usual, off to the tiny washroom, having myself to be cleaned up. What Chinese do every morning? Have a cup of homemade coffee, sit up right straight, read the newspaper, and start nagging. THAT's my father done everyday to me. IMAGINE~ a man that like to nag more than a mother. WHAT do we consider him to be?

Back to the point, I never arrange my time properly for Sunday activities. Makes me feels like time is just only a role playing in our life. Plenty of excess time that i couldn't spend it wisely. Somehow, people spend their life in front of a technology or scientific object, that's the PC. I wonder, someday, I hoped someone, bring me to a journey, saving from the idiots who dreaming all day long. I'm imagining that i gonna to rock this world!

I'm just day dreaming, wondering that dream would come ture...

TO be continued...